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Elegant and sophisticated, The Mayfair Magazine’s print edition is the most glamour tactile way to experience our exclusive features. Delivered to your doorstep each month, you will also have access to our exclusive offers and gifts with subscription.

  • You receive the magazine before it is available online, on our stockists shelves or pick-up points.

  • You receive the magazine before it is available on our digital platform.

  • You will have priority access (level 1) to any of our exclusive events advertised in The Mayfair Magazine.

  • Be the first to receive our luxury gifts with subscription.

What will I get? Every month

You will enjoy all the benefits of been a hard copy subscriber, every month you will be delighted reading our (your) title. Every month you will receive all the Mayfair in an envelope.

You will receive:
  • A printed - hard copy of The Mayfair Magazine.

  • Access to the digital version.

  • All the goodies our advertisers and/or business partners provide.

  • Priority access (level 1) to any event advertised.

The content of the digital version is the same as the printed - hard copy.

The Mayfair Magazine Digital Sample.

How much does it cost? Get 12 months pay only 10.

Referring to The Mayfair Magazine content and features it is priceless.

Magazine Print Version
Yearly subscription
Pay only the equivalent to 10 months
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UK Mainland

  • Sign up for a yearly subscription and and pay only for the equivalent of 10 months.

  • You can choose to cancel your subscription period at any time.

  • UK Mainland delivery by first class.

  • International delivery charges are worldwide.

Where can I pick up a copy? Our stockists

The Mayfair Magazine is available from selected stockists, for more information please visit our Stockists page.

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